Yes, you can attend event either by on payments basis, or on Event Only attendee basis, with your own arranged accommodation and travel. You may kindly inform organisers to arrange event access for you.
Event access is Invitation basis only, Please contact organisers before you arrive to the event.
It's a residential event, We recommend to attend complete event to avail all intended benefits, however We suggest to attend Main Event on Day 2, in case you have only one.
Eyeconnect is a Community Event organised by Empowered Committee of OEM's and End Users. All Logistics are managed by a professional event management partner.
If you are a reputed OEM of Product or Service used in building up an Enterprise PSIM, you can apply your interest. Eye Connect Empowered Committee (ECEC) takes decision on all sponsorship requests.
We recommend sharing of success stories sharing during event, If you have implemented such please share your details. Eye Connect Empowered Committee (ECEC) takes decision on all such requests and plan them in appropriate slot/discussion.